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Pueblo Mandaygo's Journal
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Tuesday, March 28th, 2017
1:06 am
Shit Show
Had a guy at work walk out today. Mainly because he is crazy. Because he is crazy though, we aren't sure what is going to happen, but we assume he is legitimately done. He was mainly a warm body so it isn't a huge loss, but we are already under staffed and over worked so his loss will be felt for at least the next few weeks. I was hoping to have this weekend off, but I really doubt that it will happen now.
Saturday, August 8th, 2015
12:51 am
I don't like myself and I don't like my life. (If you are reading this and thinking about telling me to change what I don't like, you can stop. That takes effort and I am lazy and like things simple.) 95% of the time it is no big deal, but today I was just irritable and miserable. Thankfully it is the weekend and I can hopefully settle back down a bit.
Friday, July 17th, 2015
2:53 am
Ant-Man is the first Marvel movie I have not seen on opening night since Avengers. I'm actually pretty disappointed by this. I was hoping one of the local(ish) theaters would have a showing, but they all crapped out on me. I would have gone to the normal place, but this shutdown week has sucked. You would think that without having a job for the week that I would be able to do a couple things that I actually wanted to do. So far that is a nope. I also wanted to go see Jurassic World during one of the matinees, but I have been stuck at the house waiting for a delivery that I find out today at like 5:30, won't be here until Sunday.
Thursday, July 9th, 2015
1:36 am
Not a good day.
Today was one of those days when you feel like every decision you have ever made was the wrong one. Where you just sit there and think to yourself "What the hell am I doing with my life?"

In other news, 2 more days of work this week and then we shut down for 9 days. Going to be doing a bathroom remodel over the week. Not looking real forward to it as projects like this never seem to work out too well, but it will be worth it and the bathroom should look pretty sharp when done.
Tuesday, November 18th, 2014
11:53 am
Work layoff pt3
Got the phone call today saying that I am the only member of my current work crew who gets to keep his job AND continue to work in my current department. The next guy down the line got his call today, but was told he was going to a different department, which only makes me continue to wonder if they are trying to fail as a company. Why fill a department with people that either have never worked there, or haven't worked there in years when you can keep fully trained people right now?
Saturday, November 8th, 2014
11:52 am
Work layoff pt2
We were told earlier this year that there was going to be a layoff this month due to the closing of our Phosphors department. This was supposed to effect 70 hourly employees and 30 salaried employees. I went and got my seniority number and I was 90. Well when it came time to hand out walking papers, a coworker of mine got his and he was only a few people down from me. Then on Wednesday they decided that 12 more people were getting laid off and I received my papers. On top of the fact that I am really confused how this is possible, a ton of people have quit or been fired since the original announcement. For every person that left, the layoff number should have gone down one and maybe that is what happened. They never changed that number, in which case a bunch of us should be safe. But either way this layoff is currently slated to go back almost 10 years and I just don't get it.

Not that I really fear that I am going out the door, at least for any large amount of time, but I feel bad for the people that really depend on that job that thought they might have a career in the future. Although that can be said for all of us as I don't know if the plant is going to make it. It is like they are intentionally sabotaging us.
Friday, November 7th, 2014
5:06 am
DC and Warner Brothers big reveal. Part 2
I'm a little late with this, but I was hoping to watch Man of Steel again. (I didn't).

I will actually start this by talking about Iron Man 3. Iron Man 3 is the only Marvel movie that I walked out of the theater confused about. I really liked some parts, disliked others and questioned yet more. Upon a second watching, I liked it more and had some of my questions answered. But there was still one thing that really nagged me and it was the deal with The Mandarin. Thankfully, Marvel retconned this with their One Shot "All Hail The King." I also have a feeling that Age of Ultron is going to bring me around even more to the film, but I won't know that for sure until April 30th.

Now on to Man of Steel. The only movie that is currently in the DCCU. Sidenote, even as it was about to be released DC was still not sure if it was the first movie or not as they were waiting to see how it did in theaters.

There was a lot I liked about this movie and a lot I didn't like, but there are some rumors that I have heard concerning the DCCU that may retcon this movie for me. One rumor that I heard and don't really like is that Aquaman sent the whales to check on Supes after the oil rig incident. The fact that they seem to just be swimming by and not really seeming to notice him make me not care for it. Although to be fair, why the hell would they have been there realistically? I do hope that it turns out that Aquaman caused that disaster. That isn't a rumor that I have heard, but I am hoping it happens.

Another rumor that was talked about was that Wonder Woman would be a descendant of Supergirl. Supergirl was an original crew member of the ship that Clark flew out of the Arctic. In fact, it was her pod that was open and empty in the one scene. I think that this would be a cool idea for the Universe and a cool origin story deal for the Amazons. If not that is fine, but I would like to know what happened to her.

One of the things that I got annoyed with and bored of was all the destruction that happened at the end of the movie. In my opinion, it went on for way too long. That being said, rumor has it that there will be some MAJOR repercussions from that. Specifically, lots of anger and protests over the "alien that brought war to Earth." If this is played out right, not only will I forgive all the destruction porn, but I may enjoy it.

Probably the biggest problem that I had with the film is something I don't know how they are going to deal with, other than completely ignoring it. Unless Superman has gone across the entire planet kissing every human with his amnesia power, I cannot fathom how the world doesn't know that Clark Kent is Superman. Lois repeatedly calls him Clark, sometimes in front of people. She had the cops go to his mom's house. The Kryptonians attacked his mom's house and the town of Smallville where Clark grew up. Lois proved that by doing enough research, you could backtrack Clark from the ship to his hometown. Having written a story about it and having it published on the internet, almost everyone on the planet has access to it. Which is a great starting point for others to begin an investigation. Plus, there are nerds who love this kind of thing and would figure it out quickly. Backtracking to the anger mentioned in the last paragraph, the people of Smallville are going to be pissed too. It is inconceivable that nobody would put the pieces together there. (e.g. The Kent farmhouse was where the aliens went before Superman attacked them. The Kent boy Clark was the one who pushed the bus out of the river, etc.) That town is pissed and the movie made it look like Clark had few to no friends and a lot of people that didn't like him. Again, I cannot help but see this as something that everyone would know after about 6 months.

In conclusion, I am having a hard time being excited about DC's cinematic universe. While I am very interested in seeing what comes out of the DCCU the only movie is now over 2 years old and it will be over a year before we get another one, which has killed any momentum the movie had built up. I also feel that even though Man of Steel had very mixed reviews, a clever BvS movie could help sway people to the positive side. Lastly, it is hard to be excited when only one movie is out and DC and Warner Brothers have yet to prove that they can make a Justice League universe work on the big screen. If BvS, Suicide Squad (a questionable choice) and Wonder Woman all step up to the plate and hit homers, I will be game, but probably not sooner than that. We will all definitely have a better idea by the time Justice League Pt. 1 hits in 2017.
Thursday, October 16th, 2014
5:15 am
DC and Warner Brothers big reveal. Part 1
Earlier today DC and Warner Brothers revealed their movie lineup through 2020. I feel like I have a lot of opinions on this and thought I might ramble on for a bit.

While a lot of people are really excited by this news, I am not impressed. I concede that there is a lot to be hopeful for, but as of yet DC hasn't given us anything but names. Yes, they are giving us a standalone female centric movie in Wonder Woman and yes there is a Black lead in the Cyborg movie. Before I go on, I will stop to say that this is a good thing and I am happy that they are making the attempt. That being said, they have not "one upped" Marvel by making these movies first. Marvel could very easily do a female centric movie before Wonder Woman comes out. In fact, they have a date marked the month before Wonder Woman comes out that doesn't have a movie attached yet and it is known that Marvel has a female centric movie that they want to do. Same thing goes with DC's Cyborg movie. It doesn't come out until 2020 and Marvel has been working on making a Black Panther movie for at least a couple years now.

All that being said, Black Widow, Falcon and Nick Fury have all been heavily featured in movies. So it isn't like Marvel hasn't shown any women or minorities. In fact, I think that they have done a really good job with the few that they have had in prominent roles and look forward to the day they announce Black Panther and whatever the female movie is. Hopefully, if nothing else, the DC announcement will get them to bring out these characters sooner rather than later.

Again, I state that I am glad that DC is looking to make these movies and that they have laid down the gauntlet. All said though, it doesn't mean that these movies will be any good. If Wonder Woman is another Catwoman and Cyborg is another Steel, it will only hurt their Universe, their credibility and the movie industry's ability to make movies featuring women and non-whites. Obviously the same goes for Marvel. Yeah they can try and cram a female superhero movie into the May 2017 slot, but if they rush it and don't make it good, the same consequences could hit. Plus, a bad female movie in that spot could negatively effect the Wonder Woman movie and set back female superheroes for another decade, which wouldn't be good for either party.

I would also like to add that even though they are not movies, Marvel has 2 shows lined up that are set in the MCU that have female protagonists (Agent Carter and Jessica Jones) and 1 show that has a black protagonist (Luke Cage), so they are not as far behind as people would have you think.
4:18 am
Work layoff
Next month our Phosphors department is shutting down. The initial plan was for 100 people to be laid off. 70 hourly employees and 30 salary employees. I went to HR and got my layoff number and was told that I was number 90. Well outside of the layoff number, so I was good even if a good number of my coworkers were not.
News came out on Monday that the Maintenance department was going to have a restructuring in the form of a 23% reduction in labor. That equaled out to about 26 people and put me firmly into the layoff zone. That being said, rumor has it that at least 10 people that will be losing their maintenance positions have told that place to shove it and will be leaving. Not sure if they will go through with it, but I wouldn't be surprised. A lot of those guys could go out and find another decent job instead of going back to working in production.
On top of that, it is also rumored that 2nd shift Warehouse is also going to be shutting down. I can't believe that this is true and even if it is, I can't believe that it will last. Not without beefing up 1st shift with several more employees and several more forklifts to patrol the plant. Of course, I have said for years that if they updated that job with modern day technology it would be a hell of a lot more efficient.
Also of note is that this week alone it has been rumored that 5 people have quit so far and another will be getting walked out for absences. I have no idea how senior any of those 5 are, so I don't know how that will actually affect me personally, not that I think I will be going anywhere. Even with all of these jobs disappearing, a bunch of the people in those jobs are just going to leave instead of taking a labor job. If I'm wrong on that, it won't really matter because if all these people immigrate to jobs they can't handle, the race is on to see if they get fired (which will bring me back) or if the place shuts down because they will no longer be able to produce powder to sell to customers.
Long story short, lots of people losing their jobs, moral is at an all time low, nobody has any clue what things are going to be like in a month, let alone a year and even if I do get laid off, I don't think it will be for long. I predict I won't go anywhere if only because I would enjoy the time off.

Edit: turns out that the Maintenance layoff was a part of the original 70 number, so I am still well into the clear.
Friday, October 10th, 2014
2:55 pm
Political Donations
For the 2nd time in my life, I have donated money for political purposes. The first time being to Obama in '08. This time however, I donated to a group called Act Blue. It was between them or Moveon and they just happened to win out. I originally hadn't really planned on donating, but I felt that I needed to contribute at least something. Things in this country are bad and only getting worse and if we do not keep control of the Senate, things are only going to get worse. Democrats just need to hold tight this election and keep on keeping on until 2016, when we not only keep the Presidency, but increase our lead in the Senate and hopefully (but unlikely due to gerrymandering) gain control of the House. The big thing is that we need to have some good leads in 2020 so that we can make elections more fair for the future and keep the GOP from ruining what we have.
Wednesday, October 8th, 2014
2:11 pm
Made a joke at work about how it takes 10 years to get a crappy job on 1st shift. Realized it wasn't a joke and that number is probably going to be closer to 15 for the foreseeable future. Not that I am looking to work 1st shift, but I know that there are a lot of other people that would like to. Gotta love a dead end job. At least it pays well.

In other news, got a good look at our new schedule. As long as there are no shenanigans, everyone should be off for Jack's wedding. This will also mean that once every 5 weeks or so, the dnd group should have a weekend off together, minus maybe Josh, the group leader. We have talked about hanging out more on weekends, but we are never off at the same time, so this new schedule can be a good change.
Monday, October 6th, 2014
8:17 pm
2014 3rd Quarter Update
2014 Update: 3rd Quarter

Part 1. Finished reading Series 1 of The Sword of Truth. Although I remembered book 10 as a bad book, it totally wasn't. I have no idea what I was thinking at the time. Overall, it was an amazing series and an excellent read. I haven't read the offshoots or any of Series 2 yet, but I am thinking that I will hold off on that and maybe read it next year. I could get to some of them this year still, there is plenty of time, but I'm trying to focus on other things that are waiting to be done on my to-do list for the year.

Part 2. As for my to-do list for 2014, I haven't really been working on it as hard as I should be. I am still continueing to make steps in the right direction, though. For instance, I read a 4 part Darth Maul comic that was supposed to finish his Clone Wars arc. I suppose that it did, but it left a lot left unsaid. Needless to say, he is still out there somewhere. I finished collecting my Magic sets that I had been collecting over the years. I now have a full set of 4 Core Sets and a full sets of all the sets between the two Ravnica blocks. Minus the 4 set Lorwyn block. I almost want to go back and collect that set just because, but I don't think I will. I've also thought about going back and collecting the sets I played in college, but I also don't think that I will do that. My heart isn't into it any more. I've also half completed 2 projects that I should have no trouble having completed by the end of the month.

Part 3. Still playing Pathfinder. I decided to multiclass as a Rogue. I took a good look at what was coming up in future levels for the Gunslinger class and I didn't see anything that was all that good. We have had some trouble with disabling locks and traps since we didn't have a real rogue character, so I decided to take a level of that to help the party and to switch it up a little bit. It turns out that Rogues had a boost in Pathfinder. I don't usually play that class, so I never really looked over it in the Player's Handbook, but looking into it for the multiclass made me realize how awesome they now are. I'm pretty sure that I am going to mostly take Rogue levels from here on out. They are a much better class and the skills are much better for rounding out the party.

Part 4. There was a big meeting at work a couple months ago where they told us that the Phosphors department was going to be closing. Long story short, 100 people will be getting laid off. 70 hourly employees and 30 salary employees. After last years debacle, the hope was that if they were going to shut down a department, they would just get rid of those employees and not just get rid of the bottom people. Management chose to keep the older workers and while noone knows for sure, there is high potential for this to be a clusterfuck. I've been trying to dust off the phrase "Welcome to Carbide" for the suckers that show up to that hellhole. I'll still be there, but I have a feeling that a good chunk of my coworkers will be gone. We'll have a better idea in about a month or so.

Part 5. In random entertainment news, I am still blown away by how good Guardians of the Galaxy was. It may be Marvel's best movie yet. Which is saying something because I have liked every single one. I also began watching a show called The Carbonaro Effect, which was a hidden camera magic tv show, where the magician Michael Carbonaro would perform magic tricks on unsuspecting people and record their reactions. I wasn't expecting it to be good, but I was pleasantly surprised, that's for sure. HBO finally put True Blood out of it's misery. That show was so good at the beginning, but the writers decided to ram it into the ground. It is a shame that I didn't stop watching after the 3rd season. Meanwhile, The Legend of Korra (one of the best animated shows ever) got sent to the interwebs when it underperformed for Nickelodeon. Thankfully, they continued to release episodes, but it wasn't the same. Season 4 just started, even though season 3 just ended and when this one is finished the series is over. Maybe in a few years they will do another. I'll watch it if they do, that's for sure.

Part 6. The future. I've already started working on my to-do/goal list for 2015. It might be a little early to start doing that, but it is kind of late in the year to be adding a bunch of stuff when I haven't completed the 2014 list. I still haven't started cooking, but I set a timeline for me to do start doing that at the beginning of next month. I figure November is a good month for doing that sort of thing. I figure it will give me time to buy supplies and to maybe finish some other stuff I am working on. Those things being the show Magic Circle Guruguru and the first 2 Arkham games. I just finished Asylum today, so I only have City to go. I had planned on playing Origins as well, but I have switched that out for LEGO Marvel Superheroes. I am also hoping that I can get my last 2 big purchases of the year taken care of this month. I need to replace the rear window in my car and I want to get a new bed. We got new schedules today, so now I can make a plan to get the window done on one of my days off. I still need to look into the bed issue, but that will be done soon. After that, I should be able to knock out a couple more things that are just waiting for me to get the bed and move my bedroom to my back room. Things are coming together.
Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014
1:11 am
I am the Bat
Continuing to work on my list of things I want to do this year and over the weekend I began playing Arkham Asylum. My list actually contained the 3 Arkham games currently out, but I may pass on Arkham Origins since it hasn't been released as a "Complete" or "Game of the Year" edition. I'm about 50% through with the game. Not too shabby, but now that my Fall shows are starting up, I might not get as much time to play it. I kind of wish I had begun playing it sooner as it is a really good game. While playing, I get the feeling that I am playing as Batman. It is hard to explain, but it seems to me like it is everything that Batman is. The way you go about defeating the bad guys, the detective work, etc. It doesn't hurt that the story is really good as well. Bottom line, I am halfway through and I am really enjoying it.
Friday, September 19th, 2014
1:13 am
Operation: Smoke Out!
A mini tour was going through our department today as we were emptying one of our mills. Apparently, we caused a minor panic when they saw the rolling dust cloud. Welcome to Carbide.

While the suits were not impressed, we all thought it was kind of funny.
Thursday, September 18th, 2014
1:49 am
On Cracked
I was just on Cracked.com and they told me I was going to die young. Not quite sure how I feel about that.
Wednesday, September 17th, 2014
4:22 am
Operation: Alley Raid!
The factory I work at has a lot of buildings, so there are a bunch of alleys in between them. There is a small alleyway that we use to get to a sister department so that we can pick up/drop off totes. In the alley today was a nice looking desk. The one we had in our lower building had seen better days and so my one coworker mentioned that we should go liberate the desk in the alley and replace ours with it. We ended up finding a treasure trove besides the desk. There was also a chair (we don't have enough and the ones we have are falling apart) and an old school pencil sharpener that a coworker took. As we headed back to our building with our plunder, I was struck with the thought that it is really messed up how we work in a plant that makes over a million dollars a month and here we are scrambling around like vultures so that we have decent stuff.

I half expect the desk to be gone tomorrow and our old desk back in its place. That is just how some of the people at that place are. If it is gone, it is gone, I won't cry over it, but I will be disappointed. Either way, I will be interested to hear what the 1st shift group leader says about it.
Tuesday, September 16th, 2014
2:37 pm
A new game
I think I have decided to start playing a new game with one of my coworkers. He is always posting anti-Obama stuff that is totally false OR stuff that is factually true, but presented in such a way that it seems different than it actually is. So from now on, I am going to be replying to his posts and in most cases, the original poster of his posts. I may get bored with it in a few days, but until then... Game On.
3:58 am
My Fears
Fear may have been a strong word, as I am not sure of the potential of the situations. First would have to be this Enterovirus D68 that has been hitting children in multiple States (and I believe a few Provinces in Canada). It is especially dangerous to children with asthma and at least one of my nephews has it. That little guy had heart surgery before he was one, so he is tough, but I still don't want to see him get it. Or my other nephew, or any other kids.

The other fear is this Ebola outbreak that has been hitting Africa. Apparently, Ebola is a disease that mutates very quickly. While the threat of it happening are still relatively low, the longer this lasts and the more people it infects, the more likely that the disease will mutate into an airborne strain. Again, I don't really fear for myself so much. One, my body fights disease well and I am confident that I could beat it. Two, even if I was to get infected and succumb to it, it wouldn't be that big of a loss. It's a shitty way to die, but I would deal as best as I could until the end. My real fear is more for others. Again, I have two young nephews (one is 3 and a half, the other is 11 months) and my mom and sister are sickly people. I don't know that any of them would make it. Not only would I be devastated, but I would have nothing at that point. It would probably just be me and dad (I'm confident he could beat Ebola), but he would be more lost than I am.

Overall, I realize the chances are low for Ebola and even with the Enterovirus, my sister is a nurse, so I feel that she could take good care of the kids if she had to.

This is the kind of stuff I think about when I have quiet moments to myself. Either because I am mindlessly doing something at work or because I'm sitting at home bored at 4:00 in the morning.
Sunday, September 14th, 2014
8:34 pm
Marvel Cinematic Universe
I just finished watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I forgot how good that movie was. Overall, I have been very impressed with the MCU. Out of the 10 movies currently in the MCU, I think my least favorite movie is The Incredible Hulk and I could watch it whenever. The fact that Marvel has 10 movies under their belt is an impressive feat. Made even more impressive by the fact that none of those movies are a dud. Most movie franchises can't have 2 good movies and the ones that do, usually have a flop for 3. Yet with Marvel, all of the movies in their Universe have been great. Granted, only Iron Man has had a 3 movie franchise and I will admit that Iron Man 3 is the weakest of the films, but it is still good. I do admit that I had problems with it after the first time I watched it. The second time I watched it, I liked it more as I realized that some of my issues were reasonably explained by paying closer attention. The biggest issue, was with The Mandarin and Marvel took care of that with their Marvel One Shot about Trevor.

That is another thing. Not only has Marvel given us amazing movies, but they have also given us a handful of short films that have only expanded on the universe that they have built. This is probably a good time to note that Winter Soldier did not have a One Shot and that is actually really disappointing to me as I have thoroughly enjoyed all of them. Hopefully that is a hiccup and not a sign of things to come. I will admit that with their Agents of Shield show(s), they could do away with the One Shots and instead maybe throw little storyline in here or there.

While on that topic, not only is Marvel playing a balancing act with their movies, but they see fit to add a show into the mix. While it started kind of rough, Agents of Shield really picked up after the events of Winter Soldier. It will be interesting to see how the show continues to link up with the movies and even the Agent Carter show that begins this winter. Really all that I can say is that I am and have continued to be impressed with Marvel since Iron Man and I look forward to seeing the conclusion of Phase 2 this April (I'll be hitting an early showing somewhere)and the beginning of Phase 3 with Ant Man in July.
4:38 pm
1 day weekend. Too tired to do anything.
One of the things that sucks about my department, is that they sometimes make up schedules that are low on weekend labor and then expect people to volunteer to make up the difference. Or just make people work short handed. This is actually really nice when people want to make money. I used this to my advantage hardcore last year. Currently, nobody wants to work so there are no volunteers for the weekend overtime. Because of this, my buddy Jack got scheduled, but he had a wedding to go to and I ended up taking his spot. I worked pretty hard and we got a lot done. Now I am trying to enjoy my day off, but I am whooped. I'm too fat and old to be running around like that. I may at some point watch Winter Soldier.

In more kind of layoff news, I'm really interested to see what the fallout is. A lot of people from Phosphor (the department getting laid off) have openly said that they won't stoke a furnace and a bunch (there may be some overlap) are on restrictions and won't be able to do any other jobs in the plant except for Quality. Pretty much the only jobs open will be crap jobs so by hook or by crook, a lot of them might be out of the door anyway. As with all things, time will tell.
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